Top 5 Common Pet Owner Mistakes

Pets aren’t always fun and Games

Pets pose a range different challenges even the most experienced pet owners. Here are our suggestions for the top five pet owner mistakes that could be making your life more difficult. Tell us if something is familiar?

1. “He’s Not Fat, he’s Big Boned’

In reality, he’s overweight or fat, as are with more than half the pets in American families. Since the majority of dogs and cats are carrying weight Our minds are tricked to believe it’s normal. Your vet can evaluate your pet’s weight with an objective instrument like The Healthy Weight Protocol to give you a clear estimate of the weight your pet’s should be, and an individual diet plan that will bring you closer to your healthy weight.

2. “I Only Visit the Vet If My Pet is sick’

Animals are masters at disguise. They don’t want to annoy us by telling us that they’re feeling sick. Most of the time, by the time pet owners start to notice symptoms of illness, the pet is sick for a while. Regular preventive exams with the vet will can help you detect diseases such as renal and arthritis early in the process and save you money and also your pet’s discomfort and anxiety.

3. “The Store Employee Told Me to change my pet’s Food’

The choice of a pet food can be difficult. The person who is at the pet shop, as convincing as they might be they don’t have a clue about the medical history of your pet the like your vet. If your veterinarian suggests an individualized food regimen for you pet there’s typically an important reason. Diet plays an important part in the health of your pet and wellbeing, so be sure to include their primary health advocate in the choice.

4. ‘Don’t Be Scared; Give Him a Cookie’

If your pet exhibits the signs of fear that is causing fear, like growling and snapping it could be tempting to calm them down by paying focus. But rewarding pets that are scared with hugs or consolation could in fact worsen the behavior, encouraging the fearful behavior. If the behavior gets worse in time, the pet may end being in a shelter and pets that are aggressive have less chances of adoption. If your pet is showing indications of aggression or fear seek out a trained trainer, your vet or an animal behaviorist right away!

5. “My Dog Doesn’t Have Leash He’s trained’

It is essential to be a responsible dog ambassador by adhering to local dog laws about leashes and washing up after your pet. If you reside in an location where leashes are legally required it is your responsibility to follow the law with no hesitation. A lot of people, and even certain dogs are scared of dogsand can be extremely upset when attracted by any animal. There are many towns and cities that have designated areas for dogs to be let loose If your dog is responding to the urge to explore the wild, go to an area for dogs to run and let loose.

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