Does My Dog Need a Dog House?

Although the idea of dog houses may bring up images of dogs who are sad in the open and far from their homes however, the truth is that, when properly used modern dog houses serve a totally different function.

Outdoor dog homes are an excellent option in homes with a yardbecause they offer protection from the elements during the time your dog is out in the open before he goes back to lounge on your sofa to sleep.

A dog’s home outside can also serve as a safe refuge for dogs that would like to spend some time to relax or be secure when they are outside according to Diane Orenchuk, a certified professional behaviorist and dog trainer, and the owner of Beyond the Walk Doggie Daycare and Boarding.

“However I’d recommend conducting classes with your dog who is scared outdoors, and staying with him and using positive reinforcement and taking security measures to ensure that if he is scared, he won’t escape, climb onto a fence or slide out of his collar” Orenchuk says. In the end, your outdoor dog’s house shouldn’t be a substitute for training, interaction, or other activities that could aid in solving the root of issues It can be an area to retreat in times when everything seems too overwhelming.

Benefits of Summer Outdoor Dog Houses

Air-conditioned dog homes are an option to relax between fetch games during hot summer days, to avoid heatstroke for dogs and their owners, Doctor. Mark Williamson, DVM at Dunedin Animal Medical Center (DAMC) in Florida states that if the outdoor conditions aren’t enough for you to feel at ease, you shouldn’t take your pet out during these periods, neither.

A dog’s house must be an enviroment that is safe and cozy for your pet to relax in the event that they need to be outdoors for a short period of time, says Dr. Williamson, who has an education in critical and emergency medical veterinary practice. “Being capable of avoiding all-day direct sunlight during the summer heat is vital for dogs,” Dr. Williamson says.

A cool, comfortable dog house is also a great way to ensure that your gardens are in tip-top condition. “During the hottest months of summer, dogs look for a cool spot to lie down. If there aren’t any shaded areas within the backyard, you could see that your pet digging holes in an seek cool ground to lay in,” Dr. Williamson states. If an unexpected storm should come up the dog will be grateful to have a place to shelter from the elements.

Winter Benefits of Outdoor Dog Houses Dog Houses

If it’s wintertime, the dog’s home can be a great way to avoid hypothermia in dogs as well as protect them from snow, rain wind, and extreme temperatures, according to Orenchuk and adds these structures aren’t intended as permanent structures. “I recommend keeping track of your dog’s time outside and then allowing them to go back inside during inclement weather,” Orenchuk adds.

A warm and cozy place to curl up in the cold winter days is also a great way to provide the peace and comfort that dogs need for those times when they are out playing in the backyard according to Williamson. A dog’s home can act as a protection for the times when conditions in the weather take you off guard.

However, dog homes that are well-insulated could also be magnets for wildlife, and this is important to be aware of. “If your dog’s home is designed for warmth as well as safety for the bitterly cold evenings and winter days You may discover that it draws various wildlife needing shelter in order to stay in good health,” Dr. Williamson declares. “Some of these animals have severe diseases and your pet may be suffering serious injuries due to trying to repel these critters such as the following: raccoons, skunks, coyotes or even opossums.”

The Right Dog House to Choose

Different materials come with advantages and disadvantages, so selecting the right one for your pet can be a bit difficult. The Dr. Williamson feels that dog houses made from composite plastic similar to the ones commonly used for decks and patios is superior, as they’re less likely to get damaged by chewing than those constructed from wood. “They’re also simpler to wash or disinfect. They’re also are less susceptible to attracting insects” claims Dr. Williamson.

Wood is, however is generally more comfortable and is a good option in winter. Orenchuk states that wooden dog homes even if they have been sealed, are difficult to clean because of their porous surface. “Routinely cleaning a dog’s home is an arduous task. All walls must be sprayed with water, and all organic matter (grass dirt, feces, dirt) eliminated completely and all surfaces that is nook or cranny should be scrubbed using towels or brushes then rinsed thoroughly and dried” states Orenchuk.

If you’d like this chore to be done as swiftly as possible, a dog house, such as The Aspen Pet Petbarn 3 dog house could be the best option.

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