2. Taking them out with a very tight leash and not ever letting them run free


It’s a fact that dogs require exercise outside and love to release energy when running. This is particularly relevant for dogs that live in apartment buildings and don’t possess access to a lawn. If your city bans pets from walking free in public, pay particular focus on how tight the leash you’re wearing. A leash that’s too tight is not just a physical hazard to your pet (think of back pain) However, it also puts them under stress. Additionally, it could have an negative effects on the behavior of your dog.

Take your dog to a park, square or an open area in which they can roam around freely. To prevent your dog from becoming stressed and to ensure they are healthy Try this at least two times a week. If you are unable to let them roam without restriction due to any reason be sure that your leash is flexible enough to allow them to be comfortable while running. Of course, if you’re discussing a dog that is large this won’t be an easy job however, there are alternatives. You can, for instance, buy an advance harness or a harness for training. They will encourage the pet to go out for walks without stressing about stressing them.


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